Fun Stuff that happened at Varchasva
Posted On 16th January, 2013 @ 11:42 am by Siva Kalaga

Take a look at IIM Lucknow's festival Varchasva and all the fun stuff that happened there.

Varchasva 2012 delivered all that it promised and more. It turned out to be just what every fest should be; a celebration.


The first day began with a showcase by Pt. AbhayRustum, an outstanding exponent of the Santoor. The audiences were spell-bound by this amazing Santoor recital that let the audience transcend into higher realms that only music can reach. The Western Dance Competition had electrifying dances, the innovative use of props and the breath-taking formations gave us the goose bumps! The night was wrapped up with a Hindi & Western Fusion Band competition. The audience was enthralledwith some mind-blowing performances as the best of both worlds joined forces to make an evening to remember.


Sports took center-stage on Day-1 as the home team took on out-station teams in various arenas. Football as always was the major attraction. Between the “you should have worked harder and come to an IIM” and “the goalkeeper has probably smoked something”, there was also some good football to watch. 


The second evening began with an all-new event - the MTV’s Dance to Act; essentially a street dance, it brought a completely new dance form to Lucknow. As the teams thumped, bumped and jumped, the crowd was baffled by the power and agility of some of the dancers. The focus though soon moved to the main arena where, Motherjane, one of India’s oldest Rock bands took the stage to showcase their unique style of carnatic rock with their faces half painted as dancers!


The flagship event of the festival followed the sand art performance and was a massive hit as usual, with crowds pouring in from all over the city and teams from different parts of the country. The extravaganza of glitz and glamour went on till 2 am, where NIFT was declared the winner. The night though was far from complete as the crowds moved to the unplugged arena, which saw bands performing throughout the night into the wee hours of the morning. 


The third day began with the finals of several sporting events like cricket, badminton and volleyball! These events went on throughout the day till the football final in the evening. One of the most interesting events of the day was the street play, wherein students went outside the campus and into villages around Lucknow to showcase their talent and touch rural India by educating them about some basic social issues along the way.


Varchasva 2012 came to a close as the buzz faded and soon changed to post Varchasva parties all over the campus!

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