Quick Preview in the National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai
Posted On 15th January, 2013 @ 17:37 pm by Prateek Kureel

Here's a quick preview to NITIE’s annual Business and Cultural festival, PRERANA told to us by Prateek Kureel on MTV Campus Diaries.


With a Whole Lotta Love and a Smell of Teenspirit, every Jeremy and Lyla thronged to their favourite Adda in campus When the Levee (of news) Broke that VJ Jose had arrived. Yes! Everyone was keen to pen their story in the ‘Campus Diary’ when the Mother of All Music Channels, MTV arrived at the God’s Own Campus, National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai.  And for a day, pretty much Nothing Else Mattered.


It was the fourth day of NITIE’s annual Business and Cultural festival, PRERANA had gotten bigger than. MTV’s cool and casual stroll into the campus was just the perfect icing on the cake.


The day began with VJ Jose looking for Dr. Mandi. Well, Dr. T. Prasad, lovingly called Dr. Mandi by the students of NITIE is arguably one of the most innovative professors in India. No doubts then, why VJ Jose, curious as ever, was eager to meet him for a quick chat. Dr. Mandi peppered the conversation with his personal adages ‘Aaj ki roti aaj hi kamaana hai’ and ‘Socho…Becho…Seekho’ the chat mesmerised the entire MTV team as well as the plethora of students surrounding them.


Feeling warmed up after the mini trek of ninety six steps, lovingly called the Stairway of heaven, it was now time to go to the NITIE sports ground where students were practising for the annual sports event, JOSH. Jose, showing some josh tried his hand at Futsal. 


Come evening and what do you do in a beautiful campus like NITIE’s, surrounded by greenery and Vihar Lake? Climb up on the terrace of the highest building in campus and enjoy the view. Post sunset a huge group was standing, forming a circle and some passionate voices could be heard over a distance. Well, before you let your imagination run wild, let me spill the beans. It was time for the Nukkad Natak (Street Play). 


Jose caught up with some of the students to get an insight on the campus buzz. While this was going on, the official campus band ‘Yellow Pedal’ was Coming back to Life in the music room. Enter Jose and well Enter Sandman (by Metallica) was being practised. 


The day was approaching an end but there was something special yet to come. The pioneers of Indian Rock and the only Indian English band to feature on MTV Unplugged season 2, INDUS CREED was on campus and they were about to rock a hundreds of students from colleges across Mumbai. Powered by MTV,  Decibelz is NITIE’s annual rock show event and this year it was just that extra bit special with Jose introducing the band


And so with the final strumming of the guitar, a long and eventful day at NITIE came to an end. The entire college wished MTV farewell. A beautiful gesture by MTV to visit the NITIE campus gave birth to a memorable day in every NITIE students’ life. A great entry into the Campus Diary : 19 – Oct -2012. Thank You, MTV.



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