MTV Jugaad: Dhar Pakad
Posted On 1st February, 2013 @ 15:08 pm by mtv editor

Have you ever wanted to bust a con? Have you ever secretly pretended to a CBI agent out to solve the most well crafted crimes? Then MTV Jugaad is just the game for you!

MTV Jugaad follows the story of a gang of highly skilled confidence artists who disguise themselves as CBI officers and target wealthy individuals who possess lots of black money, and rob them under the charade of a "raid".

Since these elusive criminals are very smart at what they do, CBI Officer Waseem Khan has setup a special cell, and is looking for the brightest minds in the country to help him find these criminals and bring them to justice.

Click HERE to play the game.

If you’re the investigative kind, here are the clues that’ll help you on your way to crack this case-:

Level 1: Not everything is labeled and evidence isn’t either. The maps have no labels and it’s nearly impossible to name the location! The easiest way to figure out this mystery is to download the evidence, study the maps, and keep in mind the cityscape displayed in the maps. Tip: While entering your answers in the box provided, ensure that the format is: city 1, city 2, city 3, city 4

If you need an expert tip from the con artist himself, here it is:



Level 2: If you are given just a series of phone numbers, can you figure out which city the number is from? In this level, download the evidence and keep a directory handy! It isn’t that difficult, what do you think codes are for! Tip: like in the first level, enter your answers in the following format: city1, city 2

Here’s an expert tip that’ll help you get cracking:





Level 3: Who would’ve thought that a reel could help you sniff out a clue? Study the burnt reel and figure out where the photos were taken. Based on where the photos were taken, it’ll be easy for you to figure out where the fraudsters are headed! There aren’t many routes to get to one place!

Akshay Kumar helps you on your way to solving the third level:



Level 4: The con artists are headed east on NH4A. Now that you know where the suspects have gone, you should’ve figured out which state highways they could’ve taken to escape! It’ll be obvious with the evidence sheet given to you.

Here’s your expert tip for this level:


Don’t let your case files pile up, get cracking!

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