Roadies Xplorer - Tips to get a higher score!
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The Roadies journey began in 2003 with some of the most prolific personalities on Indian TV taking on the task of exploring depths of the country that most others had never seen before.



As the years passed, the challenges grew and the Roadies put in their hearts and souls to define a journey that saw not only travel across the globe, but tasks that no ordinary person could imagine.


This story lived by the chosen few is now yours to play, as MTV pays tribute to Rannvijay, Ayushmann, Bani, Ashutosh, Suchit, and every other Roadie who has seen and done it all, presenting an experience to change the way you know Roadies. The game goes from season to season of Roadies, bringing one challenege after another in a unique gaming experience reimagined by Internet Explorer, designed to bring out the Roadie in you.


So get in the game, play the story, and get a chance to win Windows phones, tabs and an XBox 360!


Roadies Xplorer is a game not only of skill, but of tact as well. You've been playing, and you've been playing to win, but are you winning?


Here're some tips for playing Season 1 to get a great score and win the XBox 360!


1. In the First Ride, the basic trick is to stay on the road. You have to get to the finish line in the least time possible, so you need to know how to save time on the road.


2. Keep the accelerator squeezed, but remember to ease out on the curves, because if you fly off the road, you'll lose more time than slowing down momentarily.


3. Keep clear of the obstacles. If you bang into something, you'll come to a dead stop. That means a fatal waste of time.




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