7 Things You Won't Believe Crazy Fanboys Have Done To Afford An iPhone
Posted On 1st October, 2014 @ 16:37 pm by MTV Editor

Because one does not simply underestimate the levels that fanboys will sink to in order to get their hands on their favourite gizmo.

Much as the Android camp is going to hate us for this, after getting an eyeful of the lengths the Apple fanboys will go to in their obsession with the iPhone, we’re afraid that the winners of this year’s fandom awards have been decided. Here’s a look at the seven absolutely insane things that Apple fanboys have done:


1. A Chinese couple apparently sold three of their newborn kids just to be able to afford an iPhone. Ouch.





2. A teenager bartered his own kidney in 2011 in exchange for a swanky new iPhone & iPad. Fanboy level: Bonkers.  


3. Another man from China was meanwhile found advertising the right to rent his girlfriend, just so that he could earn enough cash to splurge on a new iPhone. And the only shocking part about this is that the girlfriend in question volunteered for this crazy scheme.


4. While there isn’t much that we would do to move up in place in the line outside  an Apple store, (In all honesty, we’re too lazy to even queue up at all) but the Apple fanboys beg to differ – A lady apparently traded her Louis Vuitton handbag worth a whopping $2000, just so that she could move up to third spot from the fifth place. *slow clap*


5. A police chief in California came under the line of fire when he coerced ten of his investigators to work overtime to locate his son’s missing iPhone. And well, given the amount that you have to shell out these days to be able to afford one of those pieces, we don’t even blame him. 


6. Adding to the general madness preceding an iPhone release, crazed fanboys are said to have camped outside Apple stores for as many as 22 days at a stretch, with one man from Japan apparently attempting to queue up SEVEN months in advance. Yes, you read that right.


7. A teenager from England apparently risked life and limb to retrieve her iPhone after it fell into a drain, with trained fire-fighters ultimately being called on to rescue her.


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