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Posted On 21st February, 2013 @ 12:09 pm by mtv editor

Finally, early this morning, Sony shared the PlayStation 4 with the world. Their last release, the PlayStation 3, came seven years back in the month of November and now, after weeks of speculation, Sony officially unveiled the PlayStation 4 in a live event broadcasted from New York.

"The console will create “experiences that surpass gamers' wildest expectations"

Since, we cannot get our hands on this new product until the summers, we’ll have to keep riding on the promises that they’ve left us with; one of them made by the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, who says that the console will create “experiences that surpass gamers' wildest expectations”.

At the head of the whole project; Mark Cerny, who is the architect of the gaming console said the platform is “by game creators for game creators”. Mark Cerny is a man who can certainly be trusted, because he’s been working on games for thirty years now and if you remember he has served companies like Atari and Sega; in short, the father brands of the gaming industry. He says that in developing this next-gen platform, a task that he took up five years back, the team has aimed at freeing themselves from technological barriers.

If you stayed up to watch the unveiling, you might have been as disheartened as we were when Sony did not show the actual device. However, you would understand the inclusions made by comparing the discussed features with the PlayStation 4. Sony says that the new device can be dubbed as a “supercharged PC” thanks to the eight-core processor that makes it capable of coping with more tasks than the PlayStation 3. Secondly, with PlayStation 4 one can be part of a new digital ecosystem which is made possible with addition of a “share” button on the controller.

Instead of revealing the device, the technicians divulged a considerable amount of information about the controller which cannot be ignored. In allowing the game creators an open canvas to express their ideas, Sony has added more fluidity by introducing the DUALSHOCK 4 that combines the functions of DUALSHOCK 3 plus a touchpad as a new input method, and enhanced precision when using PlayStation’s move motion control. Besides, it gets a six-axis motion control upgrade that is highly sensitive.

The PlayStation 4’s online network allows access to the Sony’s video and music services, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, if you’ve got a subscription with any. In case, you are fed up of accessing Facebook the traditional way then, you can always log on to Facebook. Since, we have already gone beyond the games; the PlayStation 4 would also allow people to create 3-D animations with the Move Motion controller.

The games that would debut on the PS4 are: “Drive Club,” “Infamous: Second Son,” artsy puzzler “The Witness” and “Killzone: Shadow Fall.”


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