Did you hear what Facebook did?
Posted On 16th January, 2013 @ 16:26 pm by Sanat Mehra

The way Mark Zuckerberg explains it is that initially Facebook had two pillars, namely, Newsfeed and Timeline; now, a third pillar which currently exists in beta mode and will only be available on desktops first is called Graph Search.


The mobile version will be available soon, but till then we’ll have it on our desktops and so it is important for us to know a little about what powers Mark Zuckerberg has allotted us this time over. 

In his presentation to the press, Zuckerberg made it clear at the very start that Graph Search will not act as your regular web search; however, it will review specific phrases that you have posted and give you an idea of how much your friends have shared it. Once it goes live, you will find a search toolbar at the top of every page. Now, to answer the doubt that you eager souls are in desperation to clarify: what do I mean by “specific phrases”? 


Well, as of now it means photos, people, places and interests. Take for example, you are in the mood of stalking those who watch How I Met Your Mother then Graph Search will give you the required results. On the other hand, if you go to the new restaurant in your vicinity and Facebook is able to locate you; they will highlight your visit to that restaurant to a friend who is searching for the same place. Understandably, you have already begun cursing Facebook for taking a big bite at your privacy. 

However, Mark Zukerberg doesn’t deserve to be called Mark Suckerberg just yet. He explained that Graph Search does not overlook your initial privacy settings. Hence, Graph Search only displays information that you have shared with friends, friends of friends or people in general. Besides, the photos, links and updates that are kept on a privacy setting of “Me Only” will not be displayed by Graph Search. 


Also, there are three major search options that you can use to adapt your Graph Searches; ‘Refine This Search’, allows you to change your search angle; Friends of friends, enables you to connect with acquaintances; and, Photos of my friends gives you the results of the best photo, depending on the number of likes and comments. 

My “take it and go” advice would be that you log on to Facebook immediately, probably you already are, and go to your timeline and conceal any pictures that you don’t intend on making public. 

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