How about a cheaper iPhone?
Posted On 9th January, 2013 @ 12:57 pm by mtv editor

I am sure all of you have heard the song Patience by Guns ‘N’ Roses, but unfortunately it is the tech world that has been drilling that lesson of life into us.

There wasn’t a considerable drop in the price through the festive season; so, a little more patience?

Surely, many of you have seen that Samsung and Apple have come up with a range of new products with consistency, but fortunately or unfortunately we are prudent and our bank accounts haven’t been on our side.

Many of us have been starting our day by checking the online price of these products, then planning out the next few months to try and accommodate our dream products. As of now, it is either the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or the iPhone 5. There wasn’t a considerable drop in the price through the festive season; so, a little more patience? Nevertheless, has anyone considered why we need to be possessors of these brands?

Running through some blogs, I gathered this and I quote: “The price? At INR 36,900 it did seem a tad expensive; but it looked real good on paper.” This is what one blogger had to say for his purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. While my little case study only covers some major opinion leaders, there is reason to believe that these individuals have a major influence on their readers.

Obviously, there are those who aren’t just typing out fan boy reviews of the products they discourse on. Nevertheless, they coincide on one point: Apple is Apple and Samsung is Samsung. So, it is always the processor that entices the buyers. Unfortunately, there are always those who cheer on their favourite products without owning more than a poster of that brand. Thus, finally, Apple has decided to bring that audience into their target range.

First disclosed by the WallStreet Journal, earlier this week; Apple has begun working on a cheaper version of the iPhone. While this news was overheard by the journal through anonymous whispers, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to the Asian marketplace. Still, Apple has chosen to stay mum about the product. So, I am guessing: shelled polycarbonate plastic embracing some great processing capabilities, but in a slightly compromised package.


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