Samsung Raises The Curtain on SIV!
Posted On 12th February, 2013 @ 11:55 am by Hasina Khatib

After letting iPhone hog the limelight for the latter half of 2012, Samsung has returned to the rink with a killer smartphone in tow that is all prepped to be unveiled early next month.

The fourth addition to Samsung’s prestigious S family is rumoured to have a display screen of 4.99 inches and a screen resolution that may well cream Apple into the ground.

From never-seen-before flexible screens to mindboggling screen resolutions, the signs are all pointing to an epic smartphone sequel in the offing!

Hype and speculation on the Samsung Galaxy SIV started perhaps a few weeks after the SIII was unveiled; that’s the speed at which the tech world functions. Apple and HTC might have kept the tech world in a state of continual nirvana for the past few months, but it looks like Samsung’s carefully planned rebuttal is ready to go live: Word has it that the South Korean tech giant has decided to finally play the ace up its sleeve at a press conference early next month.

The timing perhaps seems a bit too close to write off as coincidence; even as the tech world gaped at the leaked pictures of the iPhone 5S, Samsung created waves by revealing that it was ready to unveil its long hidden gem, the Samsung Galaxy SIV, at a press conference on March 15. Though the location is yet unknown, insiders claim that press invites for the Samsung Unpacked event, where the SIV will make its glistening debut, will be sent out after the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona later this month. According to reports, the sales record of the Galaxy SIII stands at a proud 200 million units within a span of 100 days. Well, one look at the specs of SIV and we think that number is set to be outdone!

The fourth addition to Samsung’s prestigious S family is rumoured to have a display screen of 4.99 inches and a screen resolution that may well cream Apple into the ground – The screen resolution of the smartphone is rumoured to be 441 pixels per inch, which is definitely a huge leap over iPhone’s 326 pixels.  That apart, of course the SIV shall also sport the infamous flexible OLED screen, which boasts the capability of allowing a phone to be folded into tiny parts without breaking. According to a famous analyst at Hong Kong, “Either the Galaxy SIV or the SV will have unbreakable and even possibly flexible and foldable displays by 2014. That’s going to be a game changer.”

After creating headlines last year with its quad core processor, Samsung has upped the stakes and will introduce an eight core processor; the Exynos 5 Octa is a powerhouse of energy that allows for heavy duty multi tasking and faster video streaming in HD mode. Apart from the wireless dock, the smartphone boasts of a 13 megapixel camera and a 2 megapixel front camera capable of shooting 720p HD videos and is expected to run on Android JellyBean 4.2.1.

Now do excuse us, while we go ring up our American friends; you see, approximately a month after its launch, the SIV shall hit the shelves only in the European and Asian markets, leaving America, Africa and Australia out of the loop. Well, Samsung’s flagship smartphone is going to be available to us a whole month before the States. That, if nothing else, definitely calls for a gloating session!




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