Shit Android Users Say!
Posted On 2nd November, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Hasina Khatib

If you haven't said these dialogues at least once; sorry, you aren't a true Androidian after all!




They are everywhere. Dressed smartly in suits, lounging at cafés, sauntering about college campuses, for all you know, that mild looking taxi driver could be one! No, we aren’t talking about the invasion of an extra terrestrial species but we are referring to the fast growing cult of Android fanatics. Armed with sleek smartphones, (which come in sizes of big, huge and does-it-even-fit-in-your-hand) an army of Android users is on the prowl, ready to give the Apple fanboys and the Blackberry brats a run for their money.


And to make them feel welcome, a Youtube channel called The Mobile Finder has dedicated a video titled Shit Android Users Say in their honour. If you haven’t seen the hilarious video yet, here’s a cheatsheet to help you spot the ‘Droids:



·         Ahh there’s your problem… It’s an iPhone.


·         How did you even manage to get here using Apple Maps?


·         So you paid 50 grand for a phone & it doesn’t even have Flash?


·         Trust me dude. Without Steve Jobs around, Apple is going straight down the hill.


·         Ha! Even the Apple magazine is two times the price!


·         According to Jobs, good artists copy, great artists steal. Blah!


·         Microsoft was punished for Internet Explorer, yet Apple was never punished for Mobile Safari.  Got some skeletons in our closet, huh?


·         Umm, why is your screen so small?


·         Urgh! Why aren’t you on NFC?


·         So you don’t have a standard micro USB cable? Shame!


·         Ha! I don’t even need to jailbreak it!


·         I can hold it any way and still get full reception.


·         These days it’s all about the durability, man.


·         This year alone, 500 million Android devices have been activated. I mean literally, 500 MILLION. How cool is that?


·         Did I tell you how customizable my Droid is? I can personalize like everything – fonts, background images, wallpapers… you name it!


·         One word: SD slots. Sorry, that was two.


·         D’uh! Of course you can tell the difference with a quad core processor. Ever tried to play a game on it?


·         Did I mention how good the reception is? I did? Okay, I mean it’s just so cool; I can play slot cars in my dungeon and still get full reception.


·         Why would you buy a smartphone where you can’t replace the battery? WHY?


And the list goes on. For now, just head over to the comments section and tell us which of these dialogues your Android friends say the most!



P.S. If you are an Android user, we urge you not to be too heartbroken. Just hunt down the Shit Apple Users Say video and give them a piece of your mind – You have our blessings! 



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