The Reason Why This Guy Did NOT Ask Sonakshi Sinha For A Selfie Will Surprise You
Posted On 24th May, 2016 @ 17:43 pm by MTV Editor

Selfies may be the new autographs, but this guy chose not to document his starry encounter with Sonakshi Sinha and here’s why…

Six years in the industry and Sonakshi has already carved a niche for herself in Bollywood, and let’s not forget the loyal following she has amassed for herself as well. So imagine our surprise when we came across this commercial where a young guy runs into the queen of selfies, Sonakshi Sinha herself and does not request a selfie to document the moment. 


The reason? Our young guy was instead distracted by the fact that his phone was about to die and that he’d finally found a saviour in the form of Sonakshi Sinha’s gleaming new Asus Zenfone Max with the ground breaking ability of charging other phones as well. Throw in the super sleek, durable design, the boast-worthy 32GB internal storage, the long-lasting 5000 mAh battery and well… Who can blame him for being distracted?


Watch Sonakshi Sinha inspire him to #LiveUnplugged with Asus Zenfone Max here:



(This post has been sponsored by Asus).


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