Top 5 games you must have on your iPhone
Posted On 29th January, 2013 @ 12:28 pm by Aparajita Saxena

For many of us, touch screens are more than just a permanent solution to the laziness that normal phones entail with all the typing that one needs to do: they are the next level of gaming experience.

The BIG responsibility that comes with owning an Apple iPhone is the (right) games that one gets to play on it.

A touch phone with good HD graphics is a cherry on top as far as the experience of using such phones are concerned. The latest buzz in the mobile handset industry is the touch screen phone that comes with high definition video experience, gaming and working. And with the increase in number of operating software, each tries to outdo the other with state-of-art applications to enhance the experience of using a touch screen phone.

The BIG responsibility that comes with owning an Apple iPhone is the (right) games that one gets to play on it. iOS has an array of games ranging from Arcade to Strategy, board games and action and not being hooked onto one such game is impossible if you like putting your phone to a multitude of uses. In the last two years, many games shot up to the trendsetters list. The top five revolutionary iOS favourite games are thus:

1.Angry birds
Designed by Rovio, Angry Birds and all its subsequent series after that became a worldwide favourite after its premiere in 2009. The objective of the game is to kill the green pigs using the various kinds of birds available and cause as much destruction possible to gain more points. The sound effects of the birds being catapulted and the grunting of the pigs add a whole new dimension to the gaming experience.
Many versions of Angry birds like Angry Birds – Rio; Angry Birds on St Patrick’s, Halloween and Valentine’s day; Angry birds Star wars etc were also launched after the success of the initial version.

2.Temple Run
Developed by Imangi studios, Temple run is an endless video game where the objective of the player as an explorer in the game is to steal the idol from the temple while being chased by demonic monkeys. The players in order to get away from the demon monkeys have to avoid the randomly generated obstacles which are in various forms of trees, narrow paths, slippery paths, tree branches and fire rings. Power ups like coin magnet, Invisibility, boost etc are additional perks that players can pick up on the way.
Temple run 1 saw a lot of success when it was released in 2011. Temple run 2 also became a popular hit with the gaming crowd after its release in January 2013. The game features new location, sharper turns, new obstacles like waterfalls, caves etc.

3.Paper Toss
Paper Toss is an environment friendly game where instead of actually tossing bits of paper into the waste bin when bored at work, one can actually toss paper balls into a virtual dustbin on their phone. It’s an interesting game of tact where the fan serves as a deflection when the paper ball is tossed. Based on the power of deflection of the fan and direction for the same, the player needs to decide which angle in the 180 degree range would help him get hit the paper ball into the waste bin.
The game becomes funny when commodities like watermelon, tomato and beer cans replace paper balls.

4.Subway surf
Very similar to Temple run, Subway surf is a game where kids who draw graffiti on the trains get chased by a policeman and his dog. The player takes on the role of the kid being chased through the train subway stations and tracks, often with obstacles and power ups strewn on the way. There are no levels, though there are daily missions that on being completed, award the player coins. Coins are also used to buy players that don’t differ in characteristics except appearance.

5.Draw something
Draw something is a two player game that can be played only using internet connection. The game is like Pictionary where one player draws something from a list of given words and the other player tries to guess it. It was the most famous game in 2010 and is still played by iOS users all the time.


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