Windows 8 Launched in India!
Posted On 26th October, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

Windows was silent all along, giving Apple and Google the stage but from someone who established computing in the world, we all expected a comeback and yesterday was the day the change took place. Everyone is giving the new Operating Software rave reviews



Here is what the tech magazines had to say:



“The real difference between this and previous versions is that Windows 8 is finished; it's polished and smooth, with even better performance than in the previews, and none of the rough edges left.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         




“Love it or hate it, Windows 8 is ushering in a new era of cloud-connected Microsoft services, a unified user interface, and more-robust social media interaction. Younger users may find Windows 8 more attractive than some old-school computer users will.” 




“Windows 8 may be the biggest gamble in technology history. Instead of simply updating Windows 7 with new eye candy and features, Microsoft chose to build something completely new.”




A point well made by Loyd Case of PCWorld was that none of us really use Operating Systems but it is the applications that matters to us. Since, cloud-computing is the in thing; it requires us to use a single Operating System to link all our devices to. Hence, as Mr. Case concludes, these systems to which we remain loyal to are in fact ecosystems in which our app usage is sustained. So, it really depends on what ecosystem you think can sustain you.



If you think that Windows 8 will have the same presentation that it had in all these years, then you’re horribly mistaken. The valid reason for this change is in tandem with Mr. Case’s cloud-computing point; Windows has created something that works well with your PC and touchscreen device i.e. system for Tabs too. In doing so, they have done away with the Start Menu, other than that the geeks confirm its similarity to Windows 7.



What is the point of departure from Apple products? The advantage is that Windows is offering us an Operating System that works on the PC and Tablet.  Hence, they use the phrase “no compromises” in the advertisements. Your next question would be; how exactly does Windows allow us to get the best of both worlds? Well, you must have heard of the term “Windows RT”, RT is specifically designed for Tablets allowing the user to enjoy longer battery life with the desktop apps.



Along with that, much has been said about the easy usability of the App store and the enhanced browsing capabilities of the new Internet Explorer 10. So, if you are a windows user, using either Windows XP or Windows 7 you can upgrade to Windows 8. You are luckier if you bought your PC after June 2nd 2012, because you can avail of the upgrade for just Rs. 699. Or else you can update using the electronic software download for Rs. 1,999. 




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