He has been a cyclist since the age of 1 and claims that cycling is his genes.

He is a second year Psychology undergraduate at St Andrews and runs a garage for superbikes and cars. He likes to repair all sorts of machines and modify their engines. He dislikes living the hard life by getting greased in to earn a living.

He says music motivates him and the soaring engine sound drives him. He is also an adventure sports enthusiast.


He is a social media freelancer. He likes movies and considers movies to be his most inspiring medium. He also likes Twitter, trekking, comedy and women. He thrives on adventure travel.

He believes that gradually, his hard work at his job will see him off at making a livelihood in his passion.


He was virtually born with a bicycle as his father was a keen cyclist himself; he always had a bike throughout his entire life but really got into quasi-daily cycling when his first son was born.

His love for a bicycle's simple design and pure beauty made sure his passion was kept alive.

He has even tried to incorporate his love for cycling within his family activities. Now that his son is old enough to cycle himself, he tries to complete most of the family transport needs on bicycles.


He is an entrepreneur by profession. He likes sharing experiences, learning and experiencing new cultures, spreading knowledge and promoting healthy life-style through sports and activities.

He dislikes people encroaching upon his creative freedom. His life mantra is never say never and he's an avid adventure sports enthusiast.

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