#RoadiesRising: Find Out Which Warrior You Are
Q1. Be honest, on a scale of 1 to 10 how much would you rate yourself for being fearless?
TBH, I think I’m a 10
5-6 I guess. Just about normal.
My friends say I’m a scaredy cat…
I won’t lie, between 1-3 is my number
Q2. If you were a warrior, what would be your weapon
I’d be great off the field. I’m a strategist, ...
Sword fighting sounds kinda cool
I’d be great with a bow and arrow, I guess
I think I’d kill it with a whip
Q3. It’s time for the supreme sacrifice. How would you like to be remembered after the war?
I’d like to die in action, while doing something...
What die? I’ll live to tell the tales of my woun...
War? Are we really going to war?
Psst…I am actually invincible. I have some 9 liv...
Q4. What’s your ride?
A beast of a horse of course
I’m comfortable on my throne, thanks
A big-ass bird would be awesome, I always wanted t...
I only trust my own two feet
Q5. Where would you strike your opponent?
Heart, straight and simple.
I’d break the skull open. I have seen it in movi...
What? I can choose where to hit? Isn’t it all ch...
Can I just be spared from all this bloodshed? Plea...
Q6. Out of the wars of Kurukshetra, Gwalior, Jhansi, Alwar and Dholpur, which has inspired you the most?
Kurukshetra, of course.
What are these wars? What about WW I and WW II?
Oh good lord! Why are you guys so destructive?
Jhansi ki Rani. I am all for feminism.
Q7. Who is your favourite warrior from this season of Roadies Rising?
The strongest female contender, Shweta from Neha...
The never-say-die warrior, Baseer from Prince’s ...
Everyone’s favourite, Priyank from Nikhil’s ga...
The ever-energetic, Shiv from Rannvijay’s gang

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