A Dummy Quiz To Figure Out If You Should Watch Sarkar 3 Or Meri Pyaari Bindu
Q1. Do you like politics? No, we do not mean gossiping.
Yes, I am very involved in it and feel passionatel...
I vote. Does that count?
Ewww, no.
Wait, there are people who actually like this sh*t...
Q2. Do you like love stories? Be honest.
DUH! Who doesn’t?
They’re a guilty pleasure.
I’d rather watch a horror movie.
Love? *runs 10 km away*
Q3. Why do you watch movies?
Because there’s nothing else to do on weekends.
Why do I need to have a reason to watch movies?
I’m not sure actually. For entertainment, I gues...
Because I am genuinely interested in good cinema.
Q4. Who are you planning to hit the theatres with?
How does it matter? This question is not even legi...
Bae/potential bae.
It’s Mother’s Day, thought I’d take my mom. ...
Anybody who doesn’t mind tagging along.
Q5. Are you a big fan of Mr. B?
Yeah, Sholay was cool I guess.
Umm, who isn’t?
Eh, I don’t care.
If I say yes, will you tell me to watch Sarkar 3?
Q6. Are you big on Yami Gautam or Parineeti Chopra?
Priyanka Chopra
I like both
Q7. Are you a writer?
I can do grammar. That count?
Not a professional one, but it’s a hobby.
What does that even have to do with which movie to...
Eh, no.
Q8. What’s your relationship status?
I am not comfortable disclosing that.
It's complicated
Q9. How did you like Sarkar’s prequels?
Haven’t watched any.
They were intense.
I can watch Sarkar 3 without watching the prequels...
They were okay, I guess.
Q10. Okay, which movie do you really, really want to watch?
Sarkar 3
Meri Pyaari Bindu
Wasn’t this quiz supposed to help me figure that...
Both. None. IDK. You’ve confused me even more no...

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