Are You A Sexpert?
Q1. Virgins are more sensible than non-virgins. Agree or disagree?
I don’t know
Q2. Does sexual arousal decline with age?
Not at all
I'm not quite sure
Q3. Does wearing two condoms reduce risk of pregnancy or STDs?
No, it's a myth
Does it matter long as you’re staying protected?
Q4. Do condoms have an expiry date?
Depends on the brand
Yes, they do
No, absolutely not
Q5. How long is the shelf life of a condom?
Not beyond six months
Well over two years
Who said condoms even have an expiry date?
Q6. Can contraceptive pills help prevent STDs?
I've no idea
Q7. What is the legal age for a man to buy a condom?
21 years
There’s no age limit for purchasing condoms
18 years