Are You Ready For Sex?
Q1. How soon are you comfortable getting physical with someone?
After the first date
After the third date
After you’ve known each other properly
Q2. The main reason to have sex with someone is if…
You’ll are completely in love with each other
You’ll have physical chemistry
‘Coz everyone else is doing it, d’uh
Q3. The best form of birth control is…
Abstinence / Not doing it at all
Q4. Be honest: What age do you think is okay for losing your virginity?
18 years
After 20 years
If you find the right person, does age matter?
Q5. Which of these sex myths have you fallen for?
Women are naturally more bisexual
Men can’t have multiple orgasms
It isn’t necessary to use protection
The first time is painful and horribly awkward
Oral sex is ‘safe’ sex
Two condoms are better than one

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