Are You Ready To Move In Together?
Q1. How many nights do you spend together?
Every nigh
3-4 nights a week
Only when we cuddle and fall off to sleep
Q2. How many things do you keep at each other's place?
There is a pair of everything at both the places
A few things like change of clothes and toothbrush
I just left my socks/lingerie the other night
Q3. Are you happy waking up by his/her side?
No. I don't like waking up to somebody's snores
Nothing makes me happier than this
Only when he/she does not fart in bed
Q4. When you two have a fight, you...
Cry a little and talk it out
Storm out, and return hours later feeling terribly...
Start World War III
Q5. When it comes to household chores, you...
You let the other person do everything unless aske...
Let the garbage rot in the bin and wait for the ot...
Share the load of work and help each other
Q6. Do you make decisions together?
Sometimes I just do what needs to be done
Not exactly

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