Coin Toss: Running Or Kung Fu Yoga?
Q1. Do you like watching romantic comedies?
Sure, they're fun
Only a guilty pleasure
I don't bother wasting time on them
Love? Gross
Q2. Who do you think is a better actor?
Tapsee Pannu
Disha Patani
Sonu Sood
Amit Sadh
Q3. Who are you planning to hit the theatres with?
With bae mostly
With friends
Whoever wants to tag along
With family
Q4. What kind of a marriage do you prefer?
Love marriage
Arranged marriage
No marriage for me, please
Not sure, haven't thought about it yet
Q5. What’s your idea of chilling after work?
Hang out with bae
Life after work, what's that?
Just chill and watch a sitcom or something
Q6. What’s your favourite genre?
Q7. Are you a big fan of Jackie Chan?
Well, who isn't?
He's okay, I guess
Not really
Q8. Do you like Sonu Sood?
Sonu who?
Well yeah, he's hot AF
Don't think much about him
I've heard he's a good actor
Q9. Do you like K-pop?
Eh, what's that?
I find it extremely annoying.
Oh Korean boys are just so hot!
YES! I'm a fangirl!
Q10. What do you expect from your other half?
Should be hot AF, obvio
Should have matching interests
At the moment, anyone/anything will do.
Should be my best friend

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