Heart Vs Mind: What Are You Big On?
Q1. It’s 1 AM. You’re alone, drunk and you have this intense urge of calling your ex. What will you do?
Call my ex.
Remind myself that doing so would be a mistake.
Q2. You find out that your S.O is cheating on you. They apologise to you and ask for a second chance. What will you do?
Break up.
Give them a second chance.
Q3. Your ex texts saying “I miss you” and you’ve moved on. You miss them too but you really want to give your new relationship a chance. What will you do?
Text back saying you miss them too.
Ignore and try to be happy with your new S.O.
Q4. You spot a really cute guy at the bar and he offers to buy you a drink. What will you do?
Buy your own drink but hang with him anyway.
Accept his offer and go with the flow.
Q5. Your mom has found a good guy/girl for you and she wants to get you married. You’re currently single and in a good state financially. What will you do?
Agree to meet them and give it a shot.
Tell your mom you will only marry the one you love...
Q6. You like someone and you want to find out if they feel the same way about you. What will you do?
Try dropping hints hope for the best.
Just tell them.
Q7. Your S.O is too busy to hang out with you, and you really miss them. What will you do?
Keep calling them until they agree to hang out.
Go out with other friends and distract yourself.

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