How Naughty Or Nice Are You In Bed?
Q1. How often do you experiment in between the sheets?
Umm, once in a while?
Can’t quite remember
Let’s just say… Pretty often ;)
Q2. Be honest: How loud are you in bed?
Depends on how good it was
Let’s just say I am a bit of a yeller
On the louder side, I guess
Q3. How often do you make the first move in the bed?
Almost always
Every now and then… it’s pretty even
Rather than chasing, I prefer being chased
Q4. Your thoughts on pillow talk are…
Avoidable. Absolutely avoidable.
The perfect way to end the night
Sometimes, perhaps
Q5. How comfortable are you with yourself physically in bed?
Pretty darn comfortable
Little bit nervous… But then isn’t everybody?
I’d rather not talk about it

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