How Well Do You Know Malaika Arora Khan?
Q1. Malaika's first step to stardom was...
When she became an MTV VJ
When she became a model
When she got married to Arbaaz Khan
Q2. How did Arbaaz Khan and Malaika meet?
At a famous celebrity's party
While walking the ramp for a designer
While shooting for an advertisement
Q3. As a couple, Malaika and Arbaaz plan on...
Quitting the industry
Adopting a baby girl
Moving to Europe
Q4. Malaika started training as a dancer from the age of...
Q5. This Chaiyya Chaiyya girl's favourite Bollywood dancer is...
Madhuri Dixit
Hrithik Roshan
Q6. Her first film as a producer was...
Dabangg 2
Dolly ki Doli
Q7. This hot diva's first item number was...
Chaiyya Chaiyya
Ekwaari Tak Le
Maahi Ve