How Well Do You Know Shahid & Mira Kapoor?
Q1. Mira and the 'Haider' superstar met...
Through their parents
During a holiday trip to the US
At a common friend's party
Q2. Pyaar se, Mira calls Shahid…
Q3. Shahid loved that Mira was...
Not an avid cine-goer
A well read and educated girl
Not awed by his stardom & very grounded
Q4. Shahid can't believe that his beloved wife is a fan of...
Salman Khan
Kareena Kapoor Khan
Well. Shahid himself
Q5. Shahid always wanted to get married to somebody who...
Was just gorgeous!
Wasn’t from the film industry
Was shy and intelligent
Q6. Mira Kapoor is learning to dance because she…
Wants to prove that she too has some moves
Is trying to stay fit and look thinner
Is getting ready for her showbiz debut
Q7. The age difference between the two love birds is...
More than a decade!
Not much. Just five years.
They are actually of the same age.

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