How Well Do You Know YJHD?
Q1. 1. What is Kalki Koechlin’s character called in YJHD?
b. Aditi Malhotra
c. Aditi Sharma
a. Aditi Mehra
Q2. 2. What profession did Ranbir Kapoor pursue in the movie?
a. Travel videographer
b. Photographer
c. Cinematographer
Q3. 3. How many songs are featured in the film?
Q4. 4. Who is the director of the movie?
a. Anurag Kashyap
b. Ayan Mukerji
c. Karan Johar
Q5. 5. Which university does Ranbir Kapoor get admission into?
a. University of California, Los Angeles
b. Northwestern University, Chicago
c. Imperial College of London