How Well Do You Understand Girls?
Q2. When a girl says that she’s fine, she usually means that…
She is fine d’uh
You’re in for one helluva fight
She’d rather not talk about what’s on her mind
Who knows? The whole ‘fine’ thing is such a cl...
Q3. A girl you know is struggling with a heavy bag. Your first reaction is to…
Q4. She says that she’ll take ‘five minutes’ to get ready. You react by… • S
Standing outside her door to rush her along
Hitting play on your Xbox
Leaving after precisely five minute
Settling down for a long wait
Q5. Be honest: Which of these clichés do you believe in:
A girl always needs a man to protect her
Girls only go for muscles and abs
A girl should always know how to cook
If she gets angry, she’s on her period
Girls can’t play video games

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