Is Your Crush Into You?
Q1. On an average, how much time does your crush take to respond to your messages?
An hour or so
A day or two
Q2. Do you ever notice your crush looking your way?
Umm, every now and then
Not exactly
Quite a few times
Q3. Who makes the first move to say hi when you pass each other?
Me, always me
Sometimes me, sometimes him
He smiles and looks away real quick
Q4. Where do you picture your ideal first date taking place?
Candlelight dinner
Chilling at his place
At a cool house party
By the beach
Does it even matter, long as we’re together? ;)
At a movie theatre
Q5. You'll are out late after a party, he reacts by…
Putting you in a taxi
Offering to drop you home himself
Asking you message him once you reach

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