Lover or Stalker? Find Out Who You Really Are
Q1. How many times in a week do you consciously go to your crush’s profile?
More than I visit my own profile.
Twice or thrice maybe, okay, four, five, six…10 ...
If they pop up on my timeline, I might quickly hav...
Please. I have better things to do.
Q2. Have you accidentally liked a picture your crush posted 34 weeks ago?
Umm, yeah, but it doesn’t count if I quickly unl...
Yes, an embarrassing number of times.
I might’ve, don’t really remember. No big dea...
What? Who on god's green earth has the patience to...
Q3. How often do you visit your crush’s best friend’s profile?
I’ve done it 10 times in total now.
Once, trust me, it was an accident.
Whenever he/she tags somebody, I have to check the...
Okay, why would I even do that?
Q4. How many times have you checked your crush’s ex/current-lover's profile?
I visit that hell hole every once in a while to s...
Only once, to see if they’re better looking than...
I am genuinely surprised that people do this.
Oh, it actually didn't even occur to me to do this...
Q5. Have you blocked somebody and then stolen someone else’s phone and stalked the blocked person from their profile?
Never stolen a phone to do it. Borrowed, yes.
Why would I do that? I blocked them for a reason.
No, just...What is wrong with people?
Obvio. I mean, I'm not proud of it. But TOTALLY.
Q6. Have you ever made a fake profile to visit someone’s profile?
I had no choice! They blocked me!
That’s seriously just too much trouble.
I don’t even know why I’m taking this quiz any...
I have. Again, I'm not proud of it.
Q7. How many times do you check the recent activity page on Instagram to see what your crush has been liking?
As many times as I check my own notifications.
Oh well, great idea. Thanks!
No, I don’t. God! This is disturbing.
I don't even know what this question means.
Q8. Have you already visited your crush’s family’s profiles?
DUH! Gotta see where that pretty face came from.
Just once, godpromise.
Again, why would anybody do that? Who are these pe...
Q9. Do you constantly feel like tagging your crush on memes, but don’t because you’re not actually close enough to?
All the time
Not being close enough doesn’t really stop me.
Sometimes, but I make it look damn casual.
No. Because I’m not an obsessive creep.
Q10. Do you go to dating apps hoping to find your crush so that at least then you might have a chance?
Oh god, yes!
Umm, no.
WTF, who even does that?
This is getting too disturbing, I’m outta here!
Q11. How much time do you spend on social media?
Social media is all I do in my free time.
An hour or two, max.
I’m here taking this pointless quiz, so clearly ...
This quiz is making me unplug the internet forever...

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