Republic Day Special: Which Rang De Basanti Character Are You?
Q1. What kind of a college student are/were you?
A front bencher
Back bencher
A failure
All right
First in class
Don't care
Q2. Be honest, are you a true blue patriot?
Only twice a year
Yes, I am proud to be an Indian
Patriotic enough to always rise for the national a...
Yeah, sure
Not really TBH
YES, OBVIO. Death to traitors!
Q3. If your best friend was at gun point, what would you do?
Run for my life
Try to convince the person with the gun to chill t...
Take my best friend’s place
Cry a lot
Try my best to stop them from shooting
Save my friend no matter what
Q4. What sort of a relationship do you have with your father?
We’re best friends forever yo
I will always be my daddy’s little princess
It’s okay
We talk, sometimes
Wish we could be closer
I don’t care about him
Q5. What’s your relationship status?
Happily Single
Long Distance Relationship
Committed and in love
Casual fling at the moment
In a relationship with myself
Q6. If a friend’s making a movie, what role will you play in it?
Can’t do cameras, I’ll be behind it
It's obviously going to be all about me
I'll be the sweet little sidey character
I'd rather not bother with it at all
I don't really care, but I'll try to help
I would like to be the hero, but probably settle f...
Q7. Which freedom fighter among these is your favourite?
Chandrashekhar Azad
Bhagat Singh
Ramprasad Bismil
Ashfaqullah Khan
Durgawati Devi

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