Take This Quiz & We’ll Suggest The Perfect Rakhi Gift For Your Sis
Q1. How often do you two hang out?
More like how often do we avoid each other? ALL. T...
Judge me all you want, I like hanging out with her...
Not unless we’re forced to, a.k.a family functio...
We catch a movie or two every other weekend.
NEVER. Except for Rakhi of course.
Q2. Does she have a boyfriend?
She better not.
Yes. Told her he’s not right for her but she won...
No, poor girl, not as genetically endowed as I am.
Seriously, I couldn’t care less.
Yeah, he’s okay I guess.
Q3. What’s your budget?
Doesn’t matter, I just want to make her happy.
I’d be happy if I didn’t have to spend any mon...
Anything that’d shut her up for another year.
Normal budget, I guess?
None. But I’ve got a lot of love to give.
Q4. Did she give you a gift on your birthday?
Yes, she did, and I loved it.
No. She’s damn sexist like that.
Yeah, but I would’ve just liked some cash instea...
She gave me a deodorant. I think she was trying to...
Chocolates, which she ended up eating BTW.
Q5. Do you like her, in general?
I would’ve liked to be an only child TBH.
Yeah, she’s okay if she keeps her trap shut.
Like? I love her! We’re best friends.
Enough to want to gift her this Rakhi.
Sure, don’t care.
Q6. Do you help her out when she’s in trouble?
Yeah, we have a mutual understanding that way.
Of course! Which brother doesn’t?
TBH, she never really asks me for help.
All. The. Time.
No. She never does, why should I then?
Q7. Does she lie to your parents on your behalf?
Yes, only because I do it for her.
Never, she can be a real devil sometimes.
I don’t lie to my parents.
She tries. Not her fault she’s a terrible liar.
Yeah, it’s weird because I never have to do the ...
Q8. Do you think your life would be incomplete without her in it?
I honestly can’t imagine life without her.
Eh, I’ll live.
Don’t mind having her, don’t mind not having h...
Yeah I guess, she’s cool to hang out with.
SO MUCH BETTER WITHOUT HER! Take her away pliss.
Q9. Pick a trait that describes your sister the best.
Q10. Okay, help us out here. What’s she really like?
She’s intellectual and quite the feminist.
You’d mistake her for a guy if it wasn’t for h...
For some reason, good looks REALLY matter to her.
Loves adventure and is fun to be around.
I don’t know, we don’t hang out much.

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