The Quiz You Need: What Kind Of Exam Taker Are You?
Q1. Do you take exams seriously?
Umm well, is that even a question?
What choice do I have?
Eh, we’ll see what happens.
There’s more to life than exams. #YOLO
Q2. When do you start your revision for exams?
At least a week in advance.
One night before the big day.
REVISION? Sigh, how I wish I had enough time for t...
I like to live on the edge. So, nope. #YOLO
Q3. What’s your mood like during exam time?
Nervous, but nothing that cannot be dealt with.
Q4. Do you ask for extra sheets? C’mon, don’t lie.
Yes, always.
Sometimes, can’t help it. Sorry.
LOL, I barely manage to finish my paper.
Extra sheets? What for? #YOLO
Q5. In which part of the classroom are you most likely to be found?
Front bench. Always.
If I’m into the subject (or professor), you’ll...
Last bench. Always.
Life’s too short to attend lectures. #YOLO
Q6. Do you like discussing important notes 15 minutes before the exam?
Yes, I have a separate set of notes for last minut...
I quickly browse through whatever I can.
I try not to do any last minute reading.
No, but I do like discussing where to go party lat...
Q7. Do you like discussing the paper after exams?
Absolutely, I like knowing that I’m right for su...
Yeah, just to make sure I’m not going to fail.
No, I hope for the best and run off.
I'm out as soon as I'm done. Usually within the fi...
Q8. Why are you studying?
Because I want to build a career, duh?
Peer pressure.
My parents want me to do something with my life.
I don't.
Q9. How much time do you spend procrastinating?
I pretty much have control over myself, so not mu...
I’m here taking this quiz instead of studying, s...
Enough to resort to last minute studying.
Procrastinating? What’s that, even?
Q10. Tell us your score from your previous exams.
35 – 50%
50 – 60%
60 – 75%
75% and above

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