The Toughest Celeb Waxwork Quiz Ever
Q1. The real bhai of Bollywood is…
The right one, d’uh
No idea
The left one
Q2. Is this the genuine Sheila that we know and love so much?
Not a clue
Q3. Does this photoshoot involve the real Emma or just a brilliant wax replica?
Real Emma
Brilliant waxwork
Next question, please!
Q4. Is this a waxwork or Madhuri Dixit with too much makeup on?
Kinda confused here, tbh.
The real deal
Q5. Which of these Hrithik Roshans is the real thing?
The left one
The right one
Does it matter? I don’t mind having either ;)
Q6. Would this Angelina Jolie melt with the heat?
Yep, ‘coz this is a waxwork
Nope, humans don’t melt
Can I ‘phone a friend?’
Q7. Do you recognize this wax figure of Deepika Padukone?
Yep, absolutely
Nope, not at all
Dunno, could be either
Q8. Is this Sonam Kapoor’s first wax figure?
Not very sure...
Q9. And finally, which of these curvaceous ladies is the original Kardashian diva?
The one at the left
The one to the right
Are you kidding me? THEY LOOK THE SAME!

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