What’s Your Flirting Style?
Q1. Your crush comes up to you in the morning and says hi. You…
Smile back and look away
High five him and ask him how it’s going
Say hi and try to start a conversation
Stammer & forget everything, including your own na...
Q2. You spot your best bud chatting with your crush. You react by…
Immediately walking over & gatecrashing the conver...
Silently murdering your friend in your head
Nothing. You leave them alone
Q3. Be honest: When it comes to flirting, which of these is your weakest spot?
Making the first move
Keeping a conversation going
Keeping from acting physically nervous
Q4. Which of these pickup lines would you never be caught dead using?
Touch my shirt. It is boyfriend material.
Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
Do you have a map? 'Coz I just got lost in your ey...
Is it hot in here, or is it just you?
I lost my phone number… Can I have yours?
Q5. How long has your longest crush lasted?
A week or so; that’s it
A couple of months max.
A year or more. Definitely more.

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