What does your sleeping position say about you?
Q1. What is your sleeping style?
On the side. Hands and legs stretched down
On your tummy. Hands & legs stretched out
I just loving hugging my pillow & sleeping
All curled up on the side
On your back. Hands & legs stretched out
On the side. Stretched out in the front
Q2. A cute boy/girl says hi to you at the airport. You...
Wonder what he/she wants
You just smile back
You gently say hi,
You smile and offer them the seat next to you
You get nervous & gently say hi with a big grin
You grin, say hi and offer a cup of coffee/drink
Q3. What do you usually do before going to bed?
Check your phone
Read a book
Put on your eye mask
Turn off the lights
Listen to music/ watch T.V.
Q4. One word your best friends use to describe you:
Good listener
Easy going
Drama queen
Q5. After a bad break up, you usually end up watching...
Q6. What upset you recently?
Your internet stopped working
Your bf/gf refused to get intimate the other night
When you kept waiting for him/her to call you back
When your friend cancelled the plan last minute
When your close friend didn't pay attention to you...
Not finding anybody for your next holiday trip