Which Bollywood BFF Jodi Are You?
Q1. Together you two...
Are men in black. Always ready for some action.
Make the best stand-up comedian couple
Fuss-free pussycat dolls
Are two peas in a pod
Are the perfect couple
Are like Dumb & Dumber
Q2. One word that describes you two as a couple.
Q3. What is PDA to you two?
Pulling one another's leg on social networking sit...
Holding hands
Super duper tight hugs
Strangling one another with friendly hugs and tugs
Q4. How do you two like to spend time together?
Get drunk and laugh at others
Partying & taking selfies
Shopping and luncheons
Like adults. Chatting. Laughing. Sharing.
Helping each other out
Hanging out together, doing nothing at all
Q5. When people look at you, they think...
You two just escaped from an asylum
Are they planning on getting married?
Still kids at heart
Q6. You know your BFF will...
Stand by you
Help you prosper and grow in life
Be there through thick and thin
Take a bullet for you
Will scream, cry, and fix your wardrobe malfunctio...
Will always give you a sound advice
Q7. If given a chance, you two are capable of...
Celebrating Valentine's Day together
Basking on a beach and laughing away to glory
Going away on an epic world tour. 'Coz you wanted ...
Starting all over as more than friends
Rewinding time and reliving old memories
Throwing a historic 365-day long party

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