Which Real Life Bollywood Couple Are You?
Q1. Someone publishes a paparazzi snap of you chillin’ with your loved one on a beach. You…
Hunt down the offender & teach them the meaning of...
Write an open letter expressing your disappointmen...
Refuse to comment on the issue at all
Show off your love to the world to see
Q2. Which of these do you admit is an issue in your relationship?
Lack of communication
Interference by family members
One - sided compromise
Lack of quality time
Q3. What’s your idea of a perfect date?
A secluded beach
A candlelight dinner date
A bike ride for two
Just a night in at home would do
Q4. Love or lust: What’s higher on your list of priorities?
Love. Always love.
Lust is equally healthy for a relationship
A bit of both, I think
Q5. Which of these would you refuse to compromise on for the sake of love?
Your career
Your family
Your personal space

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