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Still don't know what Sound Trippin is? Read all about it here!

Intel MTV Sound Trippin partnered by Woodland
Venturing into the unknown. In search of sound. A journey from sound to song!

Meet Sneha Khanwalkar. Music director. Traveller. Breaker of stereotypes.

Intel MTV Sound Trippin partnered by Woodland is about Sneha venturing boldly into the lesser-known India, backpack and recorder in tow, in relentless pursuit of authentic sound. Why Sound? Coz nothing captures the essence of a location or a community better than its local sounds. The sound of local trains in Mumbai or the tractors in Punjab, are an authentic slice of life as it exists there. And these sounds give us a pure, untainted glimpse into that community & their lives.

While most of us can only hear the noise in these sounds, Sneha can hear the music!

Every episode will be Sneha's dogged pursuit of authentic sound. Finding that gushing stream, a mother's lullaby, the persistent thumping of a tractor, the tinkling bells on a bullock, even the rhythmic swishing of a broom will form the first layer of her journey and the base of her track. Unearthing hidden local talent & Sneha's easy interactions with them will add the next layer. The final element, which will also add to the richness of the narrative, will be the showcasing of art forms like song, dance & theatre by the locals themselves. Sneha will then use all of these to create a brand new track, completely authentic to that location!

Some locations we will visit this season:
Yellapur, Karnataka: a 200+ year old settlement of Africans, who've adapted the Kannada-Marathi-Tulu language, dressing & way of life. What has stayed behind though, is their inimitable sense of rhythm.

Kila Raipur, Punjab: the location of rural Olympics, a 3 day rural sports festival that's grown over six decades, to become a sports bonanza that attracts competitors from around the globe!

Every episode will therefore feature one new location and result in the creation of one brand new track! And every episode will showcase one hitherto unknown side of quirky India, discovered through its stunning visuals and authentic sound.

More than anything else, Intel MTV Sound Trippin partnered by Woodland is about the ultimate journey. The journey from sound to song!

Contemporary Music Director, Intel MTV Sound Trippin partnered by Woodland

Sneha Khanwalkar is the rising star in the music arena in India. With her passion for music she moved from her hometown Indore to the city of dreams, Mumbai. Once here, she dabbled with everything for a while. Starting with animation and moving on to art direction Sneha realized one day that music was her true calling and she set foot to pursue her passion from that day onwards.

Sneha's biggest USP is her unique style of making music. For instance, she backpacked across Punjab & Haryana in search of that perfect, authentic Punjabi tune. And once she found it, she proceeded to give it her inimitable, contemporary stamp. Thus were born cult tracks like Superchor, Jugni & Oye Lucky!

She entered Bollywood to make music for people to enjoy the beats of her music. Her debut as a music director was in Ram Gopal Verma’s movie Go. After a successful start, she became a full fledged music director. She bagged the music direction for the hit arty movie Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye! One of the youngest composers in the fraternity, Sneha also scored music for the movie Love Sex Aur Dhokha (2010).

Some of the songs Sneha has worked on are:
• Jugni (Superchor):
• Oye Lucky Lucky Oye Title Track:
• Love Sex & Dhoka Title Track:

Sneha is one of the youngest music composers in Bollywood and has been part of some remarkable hindi movies.

Intel MTV Sound Trippin promises to uplift your soul with Sneha Khanwalkar who will translate her unique journey – a journey from sound to song, as she enters the laboratory of music to experiment with various sounds from across the country. With this show she demonstrates how the simple pleasures of life are free and often just a sound away.

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