20-Year-Old Manushi Chhilar’s Achievements Will Make You Want To Look Out Of The Window And Think About Your Life
Posted On 20th November, 2017 @ 14:02 pm by Debanjan Dhar


Manushi Chhillar, whose face is now all over the internet, has brought India its first Miss World glory in the last 17 years. While most late millennials spend their free time contemplating whether to put ketchup on their Maggi or not, this 20-year-old firecracker has done many, many awesome things – the Miss World pageant being only the latest feather in her cap. Come, let’s get better acquainted. 


She’s ’97 born for God’s sake 







What were you doing when you were 20? Bunking college and getting debarred from semester exams for not meeting the attendance target. You can just hope that Chhillar has some spare chillar (#sorrynotsorry) for you when you’re flipping burgers at McDonald’s. Not that she’s ever going to be at McDonald’s because this ’97 born is pursuing a medical degree at Bhagat Phool Singh Government Medical College For Women at Sonepat in Haryana. And now she's Miss World. All those who crack nerdy medical student jokes, beat it. 


Two pageants in one year 








Only a month left for 2017 to get over. You haven’t lost weight, nor saved any money, and you’re still single. On the other hand, Manushi Chhillar has won two highly prestigious beauty pageants. Chhillar took part in the Femina Miss India 2017 competition in June 2017 representing Haryana, where she started off with winning the Miss Photogenic title, and was eventually crowned Miss India. The crown was her entry to the Miss World competition, where she became a semi-finalist at Top Model, People’s Choice and Multimedia competitions. 



And she does social work as well…







Okay, so you don’t crib anymore when your maid forgets to switch the fan back on after sweeping your room. Just don’t try to count that as social work. Our girl, Chhillar, has done some serious social work that most of us only feel an inclination towards for about 30 minutes after watching The Motorcycle Diaries. Chhillar has been the co-winner of the Beauty with a Purpose competition, where her project was called Project Shakti. The goal of the campaign was to spread menstrual awareness. Chhillar visited 20 villages and treated more than 5,000 women during her project. 


You can go back to your duck-face selfie spree now. Thanks. 


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