8 Reasons Why People Who Read Are Sexy
Posted On 10th November, 2016 @ 18:35 pm by Debanjan Dhar

It’s rare to see a girl sitting under a tree, putting her hair behind her ears with her fingers as she quietly reads her book or a young man sitting at a corner seat of a bookstore, reading his book for hours because he can’t afford to buy it so he’d rather finish it at one go.

In this world of men trying to woo women with their ‘wakhra swag’ and women trying to seduce men by their ‘chitiya kalaiya’ the effortless appeal of bookish people are as charming as the smell of a new book. 


You won’t find them fiddling with their phones 







Travelling by a fairly less crowded metro, you’re bound to see almost everybody hooked to their phones. The ones who aren’t are probably dozing off and waking up startled every now and then as the train stops. In this herd, if you find someone engrossed in a book, and hopefully not a Chetan Bhagat one, you’d find it very difficult to look away from that person. 


They are intriguingly quiet 







In a world where everyone is yapping about boring and insignificant things, bookish people are very careful with their words. There’s something very endearing about their mild disposition that shows how they’re not as insecure as the rest of us who constantly need to be heard just not to feel left out. 


Their social media profiles are a delight 







It’s a treat to have such people in your friend list. Every now and then, they’d share something on their wall that would bring some meaning to your otherwise newsfeed. They don’t change their profile pictures everyday but when they do they’re at their artistic best. They’ll never annoy you with updates of their lives on an hour to hour basis but they will leave you thoughtful with their insightful status updates and tweets once in a blue moon. 


The glasses, oh, the glasses







It’s just human nature to crave for something that is off limits. With those glasses, they look so distant and lost in their own worlds that you just can’t help but want to be a part of their imagination. But the fact they look so learned and wise, you’re almost nervous to approach them and that’s what makes them all the more desirable. 


They will listen to you and not just hear







They’re not your average comic book or Twilight reading boys and girls. They have grown up reading books with profound content and didn’t need pictures to keep their interest from flickering. Their attention game is strong and they’ll not be distracted when you’re talking to them. Share your deepest thoughts, fears or insecurities with them and chances are they will know exactly what you’re talking about even when you’re miserably failing with your words. 


They will have the right words for you 







A wise man had once said that language was invented for one reason – to woo women. Not that bookish people have an agenda when they speak in that captivatingly articulate fashion, but you can’t blame them for making you fall for them with every word they speak that sound as if the greatest playwright had written their dialogues and they’re just speaking their lines. 


Their minds are a treasure  






They’re not just knowledgeable but they’re really imaginative. They have cultivated their minds to introspect on the deepest of human emotions, painted vivid descriptions in their minds with the help of just words which in turn had turned them into thoughtful creatures whose minds are not adulterated by materialistic temptations. They will make you want to pick their brains – make you want to make love to their minds more than their bodies. 


They’re rare and slowly diminishing 








It’s very rare to see someone at a party scanning the book shelf instead of bragging about their new car or indulging in the latest gossip. The enigmatic creatures are a diminishing breed and that’s what makes them exotic. It’s very hard to come close to the bookish people but once you do, you’d want to hold on to them forever. 

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