A Flash Mob
Posted On 25th July, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

We are quite skeptical about the metaphor implied by Mahatma Gandhi's face being printed on bank notes. On the 20 and 1000 buck notes he seems to be blushing' on the 50 buck notes he seems to be pink with envy; and on the 100 buck notes he seems


Most of Gandhi’s ideas got attention once he decreed a fast, but those times were different. Unfortunately, a few understand the intellectual capabilities of the father of our nation; it was only after that intelligence was infused with rebellion that a battle was won. If Anna goes on a fast at the drop of hat without speaking to us about a more progressive way of curbing corruption then we have lost him completely.


Scientists believe that when faiths asked their followers to go on a fast; it was simply a method of body cleansing that any doctor would prescribe, to insure longevity. Who would have thought that this method, of purification, would be used as a form of rebellion? Well, it is a known fact that Gandhi was inspired by religious texts and this habit allowed his ideas to materialize. But, when such inspiration is passed down generations, the process can be reduced to a game of Chinese Whispers.


Anna is going on a fast today, with followers and members of India Against Corruption, as a means of putting pressure on the government for a better Lok Pal Bill. The IAC volunteers have been divided into teams, crowd management, sanitation, health, media and guest management team and Anshankari team; hoping that the maximum crowds will gather.

We are feeling a little left out because neither has Anna Hazare nor has the IAC made us feel a part of their movement; actually we are a demanding lot, who will not give support to anything that does not have a positive implication.







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