Hidden by Development
Posted On 27th July, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

There is no way that the media can get Narendra Modi to apologize; it seems that their aspirations are leaning towards the past mastery of the stubborn British journalist, David Frost, who made American President, Robert Nixon, apologise for the crimes co

Do you think a man floating at the brim of arrogance is going to ever apologise? In an interview given by him in the year 2004; he clearly stated that there was no reason why he should apologise for the violence, post-Godhra. Recently, in an interview by an Urdu weekly, Nai Duniya, he reiterated stubbornly that he would not apologise; but as you know there is always room for some drama, a lesson best learnt from Bollywood. So, Mr. Modi further alleged that he must be hanged if he is guilty.

In the riots that followed the Godhra train burning incident, thousands of people were killed, mostly Muslims. Would an apology suffice?

Even the Muslims in Gujarat have forgotten the incident; rather, the mistakes of that year have been hidden under the veil of development. After all, a lucrative job in the state of Gujarat, for a person of any faith, is a good gift instead of creating a rift with the Chief Minister’s ideals of capitalism. Whenever a company faces problems setting up business in any state, they are always given a warm welcome by Mr. Modi.

So, with a clean chit from the Special Investigation Team and for being the brain behind a state that is breeding financial stability; Mr. Modi feels no need to apologize. What is your stand?

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