When will we stop breeding speed?
Posted On 19th July, 2012 @ 00:00 am by Sanat Mehra

We are sorry for overfeeding you with articles lined with the grimness of reality, but you mustn't blame us. This morning, you too must have been forbidden from yawning because of being forced to shed all dreaminess at the sight of the morning paper.

Headlines: 17 year old Slams into a Businessman. In case you were thinking on the same lines like us, you would have blamed the parents first. What was a 17 year old, without a license, doing with a car? This teenager had taken his father’s Honda City for a drive; actually a fly and the consequences were the lives of three men.


Yogesh Krishna Nijayi, Amish Sadanand Keni were injured; the younger of the two Nijayi, is said to be critical. Mr. S.K.B. Maroo, a 74 year old businessman passed away; but we hope he remains an example of the mistakes that people make at the cost of others. Unfortunately, the examples are countless.


When will we stop breeding speed? Attitudes must change and it can happen without a magic wand. We at MTV urge you to use your Cervical Vertebrae, to bring about change. Basically, use your neck to look at the ones around you to ensure that they do not take a dangerous step.


The 17 year old boy has been charged with Rash and negligent driving and culpable homicide not amounting to murder. So guys remember; as much as laws are safeguarding they can be the most stubborn disciplinarians too.

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