TDIM - Michael Jackson's 'Black or White' topped the charts
Posted On 7th December, 2012 @ 23:08 pm by Sanat Mehra

On This Day, in 1991, Michael Jackson's 'Black or White' topped the charts.

The song “Black or White” has been a favorite with all of us; besides, Michael Jackson stands alone when it comes to pin pointing the best in pop music, distinguishing himself from the auto tune junkies that crowd the pop scene today.

Nevertheless, his crotch grabs and pelvic thrusts did make the saintly critics a little uneasy back then. When the video first aired, the last four minutes of the video created a controversy. The scene in which Michael Jackson walks out of the studio as a black panther and morphs back into himself, and then he does what he knows best; dance.

However, a little into this solo performance he grabs his crotch and even goes on to zip his pants. Such a gallant showcase of talent was misinterpreted for obscenity. Still, this day in music the song topped the charts and stayed there for 6 weeks, but I guess I am telling you something you already know. So, here is a little something that may pose as a greater challenge to your credibility as a Jackson fan.

What is the first word of the song “Black or White”?

  • - I
  • - They
  • - She
  • - It



Michael Jackson allowed his hair to be set on fire for which brand commercial?

  • - Pepsi
  • - Coca Cola
  • - Brylcreem
  • - Head & Shoulders


Which famous actor starred in Michael’s “Black or White” video?

  • - Leonardo Di Caprio
  • - Macaulay Culkin
  • - Al Pacino
  • - Amitabh Bachchan


In which television soap did the song “Black or White” feature?

  • - Friends
  • - Glee
  • - How I Met Your Mother
  • - Big Bang Theory


Who rapped in the song “Black or White”?

  • - Bill Bottrell
  • - LL Cool J
  • - MC Hammer
  • - Rum DMC


On which album does the song “Black or White” feature?

  • - Bad
  • - Dangerous
  • - Billy Jean
  • - Thriller


        Answers: I, Pepsi, Macaulay Culkin, Glee, Bill Bottrell, Dangerous

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