This Day In Music | 16th Nov | The Beatles catalogue was finally available on iTunes
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On This Day, in 2010, the Beatles catalogue was finally made available on iTunes, after years of negotiations.

The four lads from Liverpool that literally got thrown onto stage because of possessing a talent that they were not sure as hell would change the way people live and love today. While rumours are that Elvis Presley tried to get them killed and the rest of the music fraternity around that time chalked out a style similar to theirs, the Beatles still remain unbeaten doyens at a trend that seems a day old even today.

Looking back on albums like Abbey Road, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, one can try to follow a line of thought in order to find a pattern to their ascent; but, to create what they did with Elvis, Carl Perkins and Chuck Berry preceding them is unimaginable. We love them because every song composed by them is a discourse on that oh-so-cool feeling or oh-so-blue feeling of being in love. Indeed, after taking credit for pied-piping a lost generation; when they split-up, a lot of damage was done.

Until the late 90’s, producers kept trying to fill in the void; they ended up spoiling the “Fab Four” fetish by trying to build it up again through Westlife, N Sync and other disastrous collaborations. Let’s not be easy on ourselves by completely denying to have allowed similar genres to grow onto us; however, we can also be proud of ourselves for being led back to that period in music that for a while resembled the rusty vestiges of the R.M.S. Titanic.

Today, we celebrate the day that Apple finally found common ground with the record label EMI, to get a Beatles catalogue onto iTunes. So; happy listening to all the iTunes users out there. 

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