This Day In Music - Vh1 premiered the U2 Elevation Tour - 23rd Nov
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On This Day In Music in 2011, Vh1 premiered the U2 Elevation Tour.


It’s not often that the God’s of Rock descend on stage, which is not a bad thing because it is always a delight to see something fresh every time they do. In the year 2001, U2 returned to stage to play songs from the album “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” mixed with some numbers from previous albums and an added track called Elevation, which also became the name of their tour. While the Irish bands concerts have been known for being upbeat and fit for being performed in stadium venues, this time the band opted out of a lavish performance.

The reasons for their preferring to be more down to earth, even though the tour was called Elevation was because the album they were prioritizing on was more simple and intimate. So, they chose arena venues to stadiums; still, U2 as we all well know is not a band that would just be content with performing like café artists. They stuck to some of the basics but got rid of the over-the-top technology.


On this day in music, we would like to remind all U2 fans that back in 2001 the concert was aired live on VH1 on the 23rd of November. However, if you missed it you could check out clippings of the same on YouTube or buy the DVD, just so that you too can acknowledge the new sound of U2.


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