TDIM - Amy Winehouse’s 'Back to Black' was declared the biggest-selling album of the year
Posted On 26th December, 2012 @ 08:45 am by Sanat Mehra

On This Day In Music, Amy Winehouse's second album Back to Black was declared the biggest-selling album of 2007.

Leaving us in rock history, at an auspicious age; Amy Winehouse like few other bards, made an exit at the age of 27. While this trend of early departures is not uncommon in the music business, Winehouse’s loss to music will be felt because of her vocal abilities that have been a trait only mastered by yesteryear American blues singers. Her husky voice managed to persuade a generation back on track, after being lost to a few horrible pop musicians.

Probably, her first album Frank wasn’t a hit with many, but as soon as she began promoting the album and began working on her second album that, things began to change for the better. However, there is much irony in my latter statement, because her success and her downfall began at the same time. She met her future husband, Blake Fiedler-Civil, who left her few months into the relationship; thus, being the inspiration for Back to Black and the cause of the depression that followed.

In 2007, in this day in music, Amy Winehouse’s second album Back to Black was declared the biggest-selling album of the year. It got her five platinum sales awards and six Grammy nominations including song of the year. 

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