TDIM - 'Back to Bedlam' by James Blunt topped the UK charts
Posted On 15th January, 2013 @ 00:02 am by Sanat Mehra

On This Day In Music, 'Back to Bedlam' by James Blunt topped the UK charts.

This ladies man had to do his bit of struggling before he could make his way up the ladder. His first album that hit off with the audiences internationally was recorded in a home studio, set up at producer Tim Rothrock’s place. The name of his first album “Back to Bedlam” was given by actress Carrie Fisher, at whose house he had lodged himself after a brief introduction through the family of a former girlfriend. Also, you should know that the song “Goodbye My Lover” was recorded in Fisher’s bathroom.

The album was finally released in 2004 in the UK, but it only reached the charts in 2006 in this day in music. Literally, Blunt was lost to the audiences because he didn’t have the money to buy the attention of the British media nor did they pay any attention to him. 


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