TDIM - Cee Lo Geen's Birthday - 30th May
Posted On 30th May, 2014 @ 19:26 pm by TDIM

Cee Lo Geen's Birthday

Join us in wishing American rapper Cee Lo Green as he turns 39 #ThisDayInMusic!


#ThisDayInMusic we are celebrating Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, or CeeLo Green as he’s popularly known. The five time Grammy Award winner is a regular feature on US Billboard Hot 100, with his solo single ‘F*ck You’ peaking at number two while his 2010 album The Lady Killer famously received gold certification.


As he turns a year older, and hopefully wiser; here’s a look at some of the biggest controversies he’s courted in his twenty-three year career:


At a music festival in 2011, CeeLo arrived half an hour late and stormed off when the audience booed his apologies.


In June the same year, he raised a hornet’s nest by dubbing an eminent journalist ‘gay’ on being miffed by her negative appraisal of his concert performance.


In September 2013, his failure to arrive on time led to the cancellation of a show on a radio station and he was told to exit the venue or risk being escorted out by guards when he did arrive later.


When he performed for only half the promised time at Riverfest, his payment was flatly refused by the event organisers.


Is it just CeeLo or do you think every singer has done his share of crazy? Let us know in the comments box below!

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