TDIM - Clive Burr's Birth Anniversary - 8th Mar
Posted On 8th March, 2014 @ 10:03 am by TDIM

Clive Burr's Birth Anniversary

Iron Maiden fans anyone? If so, it’s their drummer, Clive Burr’s birth anniversary today! He was previously a member of Samson before he joined Iron Maiden in 1979.  Burr played on their first three records: Iron Maiden, Killers and their breakthrough release The Number of the Beast. Burr was fired from the band in 1982 during The Beast on the Road tour.

He was replaced by the band's current drummer, Nicko McBrain. Burr co-wrote one song on The Number of the Beast, "Gangland", and another song, "Total Eclipse", that was cut from the album and showed up as the B-side of the "Run to the Hills" single, and later on the Number of the Beast remastered CD re-release.


Burr's style had a strong influence on many metal drummers. Dave Lombardo, known for his work with bands such as Slayer, Grip Inc. and Fantômas, stated that "his style was inspiring and the albums he recorded with Iron Maiden are touchstones of my music education". Charlie Benante of Anthrax said: "the drumming on ’Killers’ inspired me to kick it up a notch and I did." According to Dave McClain, drummer for Machine Head, who considers Burr a huge influence, he "brought punk rock drumming into heavy metal".


Iron Maiden lead singer, Bruce Dickinson, also considered him to be the best drummer the band ever had. Iron Maiden’s guitarist Adrian Smith also praised his drumming ability. He said, "Clive was a great drummer, an Ian Paice-type drummer, steady and solid with a nice feel to everything." 

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