TDIM - Gangnam Style Was Released - 15th July
Posted On 15th July, 2014 @ 10:39 am by TDIM

#ThisDayInMusic the world of music was taken by storm with the release of Gangnam Style!

So get off those chairs and prepare to gallop around as we celebrate the release of Korean popstar’s Psy viral video Gangnam Style #ThisDayInMusic. As we prepare to dress classy and dance cheesy to mark the cult music video’s anniversary, celebrate with these five WTF facts we bet you didn’t know about Gangnam Style:


1. A man has apparently lost his life dancing the Gangnam during an office Christmas party.


2. The horse riding move wasn’t the original choice for the hook step; variations involving kangaroos were apparently in the contenders!


3. The singer behind the chartbusting hit’s, Psy, is apparently short for Psycho!


4. The song has actually been described by a UN Secretary General as a ‘force for peace.’


5. Seeing as none of has any idea about the lyrics, it’ll come as a surprise to know that it talks about the perfect girlfriend who knows when to be refined and when to get wild.


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